Smart Russian women: education, investment, business.

Contrary to foreigners belief Russian girls are not just Russian dolls.

Russian girls understand the importance of education. Russian women are quite good in investments and business

what is the average salary of a dentist, picture #144
What is the average salary of a dentist
while my mining farm is working hard, picture #83
While my mining farm is working hard
best free forex signals app, picture #101
Best free forex signals app
most reliable cloud service, picture #159
Most reliable cloud service
where to find low risk investment options, picture #5
Where to find low risk investment options
investing in diamonds or gold?, picture #6
Investing in diamonds or gold?

Smart Russian women have already realized that you do not need to imitate anyone and copy nobody.

best online colleges for associates degree, picture #68
Best online colleges for associates degree
safe investments with high returns, picture #30
Safe investments with high returns
dedicated server providers, picture #76
Dedicated server providers
future jobs that don t exist yet, picture #18
Future jobs that don't exist yet
best retirement investments, picture #131
Best retirement investments
how to start a business, picture #20
How to start a business

Smart Russian woman is flexible in communication and can adapt easily.

best investments for retirement income, picture #59
Best investments for retirement income
business ideas for women, picture #106
Business ideas for women
retirement investments for dummies, picture #119
Retirement investments for dummies
fastest growing jobs with a bachelor degree, picture #111
Fastest growing jobs with a bachelor's degree
steps to start a small business, picture #49
Steps to start a small business
top universities in the world for masters in mathematics, picture #138
Top universities in the world for masters in mathematics

According to the majority of Russian men to be smart, or at least seem so, a woman needs to be daring, original and independent in her judgments.

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