Smart Russian women: education, investment, business.

Contrary to foreigners belief Russian girls are not just Russian dolls.

Russian girls understand the importance of education. Russian women are quite good in investments and business

art academy, picture #81
Art academy
best accredited online colleges, picture #113
Best accredited online colleges
which careers are in demand for the future, picture #98
Which careers are in demand for the future
best universities online, picture #64
Best universities online
business ideas for women, picture #106
Business ideas for women
best free forex signals app, picture #101
Best free forex signals app

Smart Russian women have already realized that you do not need to imitate anyone and copy nobody.

best cars for the money, picture #128
Best cars for the money
best investments to make money fast, picture #103
Best investments to make money fast
how to start a business with no money, picture #28
How to start a business with no money
most interesting jobs in criminal justice, picture #158
Most interesting jobs in criminal justice
how much money does a dentist make a year, picture #143
How much money does a dentist make a year
top engineering universities in the world, picture #129
Top engineering universities in the world

Smart Russian woman is flexible in communication and can adapt easily.

study on running, picture #45
Study on running
easiest business to start up, picture #31
Easiest business to start up
while my mining farm is working hard, picture #83
While my mining farm is working hard
free online early childhood education courses, picture #102
Free online early childhood education courses
medical education university, picture #104
Medical education university
dental insurance plans, picture #105
Dental insurance plans

According to the majority of Russian men to be smart, or at least seem so, a woman needs to be daring, original and independent in her judgments.

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