What are the best cars for the money this year? Test drive

Where to find consumer reports car buying guide for this year? Best overall value

If a person dreams of a big car, then, according to psychologists, we can say that this individual seeks personal expansion, that is, he wants to look much larger than he really is or wants to emphasize his significance. And it also happens that a person who is not limited in money prefers small cars.

Before you get confused with the problem of choice, you should decide where and how you will drive your car. It should be noted that this is not necessary to buy a station wagon, if you do not plan to constantly load the trunk dimensional things. To transport a large volume of goods once a year, it is easier and cheaper to order a cargo Taxi; for trips around the city the most convenient will be a hatchback, subcompact; For country trips, a sedan is best suited.

You need to pay attention to the following characteristics: Motor power. No need to buy super-strong options if you do not plan to arrange high-speed races, but just want to ride to work in comfort. But also not worth it to buy "weak" configurations, if trips with a fully loaded car are expected. Type of drive.

Front-wheel drive cars today at the peak of popularity: simplicity and cheapness designs, ease of operation - these are all about them. Rear-wheel drive for fans to test drive and "skim the cream" from the car. Four-wheel drive - incredible stability in almost any road conditions, the ability to overcome easy (and not so) off-road.

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What are the best cars for the money this year?

Carefully choose the type of transmission

Automatic transmission is easier in everyday life, but options with manual transmission are significantly cheaper, while the "mechanics" allows much more than a robot - you can start up with the pusher, ride out of mud or snow porridge by the buildup method and select the most suitable ICE operating mode, which saves fuel. The presence of elements of comfort. For example, air conditioning significantly increases the cost of the car, but often does not turn on for months. Is it worth it to overpay for its availability?

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