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What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is one of the types of hosting, choosing which you get for your use a whole server, a separate physical machine, which is used to host the website. Typically, dedicated servers host large projects with high traffic, as well as those that require special, unique server settings. Choosing a dedicated server, you get almost complete control over its configuration.

So, you can configure it exactly as you need specifically for your project. What are the advantages of a dedicated server? A dedicated server can be a very convenient solution for some websites and applications. To begin with, a dedicated server is the most secure hosting option possible. The big plus is that you do not share the server with other sites that may be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Also, dedicated servers, as a rule, have higher uptime (continuous operation time), since there is a lower probability of software errors due to which the server may stop working. The server can withstand much higher loads. In addition, you can use all the resources of a dedicated server for your project, and you can also scale the server to the needs of the website.

Different Internet projects have different approaches to choosing software. Usually you need a reliable site with high performance without resource limitations. All projects that are in search of hosting should think about whether to rent a dedicated server? Pay attention to the equipment of a dedicated server. The more powerful, the better, but no one delivers pizza using a car with 1000 horsepower. Calculate the load on the equipment with technicians and determine how much a productive machine is needed.

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What are the best dedicated server providers

A dedicated server is an affordable service

A dedicated server is a good choice for hosting, which will give you a lot of opportunities, but in return it will take time to configure and manage, as well as some financial expenses. If you started to think about switching to a dedicated server from shared hosting, then consider the following points. You should switch to a dedicated server if: a) your site traffic has increased significantly, the load has increased; b) your project has undergone major technical changes, and now it cannot be located on a shared hosting. A dedicated server is a reliable and secure hosting. When choosing characteristics, focus on the requirements of the project.

Most likely, the equipment that you will politely be offered was already used by someone earlier. This means that he has wear and tear and a history of operation. It is important to install new hard drives, because this is the weakest element of the system. If they fail, it is likely that almost all the master data will be lost. Specify in advance when, how and under what conditions the equipment will be replaced as a result of failure.

Consider the following factors: performance is proportional to the workload and the amount of processed information; Scaling and power reserve. If the resource grows, the technical ability to install additional RAM, processors should be calculated; traffic management (outgoing and incoming, foreign and domestic, paid and free traffic), as well as the speed that the provider provides.

Dedicated Server Price. Buying requires large investments, so when you start a small and medium project, the only way is rent! Here you need to remember the ratio of performance to cost, and also take into account the reliability of the equipment. It is also worth solving the issue of setting up dedicated servers and administering them. Find out - the cost of servers already includes their administration? This will save you in the future.

Does your project need a server? It often happens that a person is tormented by the choice of a physical server, but he really does not need it. Therefore, the first thing to do is decide whether such equipment is necessary at all, and then think about which server to choose - physical or virtual. A dedicated server is a great alternative to a physical server.

This is also the most high-performance computer equipment installed in the data center of the provider, only you do not buy it, but rent it. In this case, you no longer need to think about which server to choose, because you can change the technical specifications of the equipment at any time for an additional fee. Of course, unlike a virtual machine, upgrading a dedicated server computer will require a little more time, but you do not have to spend a lot of money and time on the selection of components.

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